Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The colonial impact of French still retains in India

This region is known from the early stages to Greek and Roman travelers. They were eager and had more in-depth interest in exploring this place.

Their rule was for quite a long time and after it started the rule of Pallavas and Cholas. The far known as the locals took control with the full succession and control.

French with impact
The first impression that senses in the minds of people is the French location with the tradition of culture. The colonial powers that were guided over to the French have made a stable ruling time period for quite some time.

This city Puducherry is also called as Pondy which was the former capital of French India. This highly promising and serene city makes more intentional invitation to the people from various other lands and gives larger importance to the natural scenery and staying facilities.

The South western town with the nearby railway station, Pondicherry’s has more French missionaries the paths make sure the culture to be spread in a larger manner.

This region is highly famous for the flora with several varieties of trees such as mahogany tree, Khaya senegalensis, fossilized tree etc.

The impact
The large messy with the suburbs with the perfect roads make more culture with the old French traditions give a rich look of elite city.

This town has lot of classic Tamil origin with more typical close sea areas, rich sandy beaches, cool atmosphere frantic and colorful bazaars gives a wry expression.

The huge array of houses with the fade colored and out washed gives a similarity to Montpellier, a place in France.

With more colonial imprint present in these areas this town can include more of rich culture to have more impact on the Catholic churches.

The ornamented and more of the complex road of the city have more similar features.

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