Monday, September 26, 2011

Jaisalmer – Taste of Desert Dunes

Jaisalmer is also known as the golden city of India. It is a land of beautiful deserts and splendid forts. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Rajasthan. The city is known all across the globe for its deserts and havelis spread in every corner of the city.
Jaisalmer Fort
The Jaisalmer Fort
The Jaisalmer fort is also known as the golden fort or sonar quila is famous for its splendid ambience. The fort rises above the desert giving it the most beautiful view ever. The colourful shades of the setting sun and the golden hues of the desert appear peaceful to the eye.
Gadsisar Lake
Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

Gadsisar Lake is a beautiful lake with spectacular avian variety all around it. It is an ideal spot for outings with family and loved ones. The ambience is so peacefully built that it leave any viewer spell bound.

Nathmalji Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Nathmalji Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Salim Singh Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Salim Singh Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Havelis like Nathmal ji ki haveli, salim singh ki haveli and patwa ki haveli add to the tourist attracted towards the city. They are all very old. Clearly depict the history of the city. These reflect amazing and intelligent architecture of the cit. people come and visits these Havelis from all over the world. The place is all Rajasthani and rich in cultural heritage and traditions.

The place has three famous Jain temples called Tirthankara-Rishabdev, Sambhavnath and Parswanath. A lot of people visit these temples annually. They are beautifully carved out in the best shape and design depicting the most amazing architecture ever seen.

Gyan Bhandar library is a compilation of books on Jainism. It has every book and every question is surely answered. It is contributing to enhance people’s knowledge on Jainism.

Jaisalmer sure is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has extreme climate and gives the best view and gathers tourism from all over the place and gives them the best experience of their lives.

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