Friday, October 10, 2014

Jaipur Rajasthan Shopping Festival 2014

The Jaipur shopping festival is organized during the Diwali season from 25 September to 23 October. Shopping in Jaipur is enjoyed by the people who are looking for all kinds of god deals in market, which reunites gastronomy, music, celebrations, dance and shopping. Jaipur pink city is the perfect place to enjoy and have fun.

Shopping is a very inspirational activity enjoyed by people of the all world, include different religion and cultures. It is also enjoyed by women and men alike. The tendencies and attitude related to shopping depends on the place and culture. There are a lot of shopping carnivals that offer different needs for the shoppers.

Every year, Jaipur tourism attracts thousands of people, recognized in the world over for its exclusive and stimulating retail experience is introduction an innovative kind of shopping event. The “Jaipur Shopping Festival 2014” brings a lot of benefits, varied selections, and culture class entertainment to stores. So come and board in a shopping adventure that just Rajasthan tourism can provide.

This period, the shopping zones are filled with lights and provide the best setting to take incredible photos all while proposing a huge quantity of bargain transactions. Bargain sale is the best way to find exclusive things with a good price.
This amazing event is expected to increase even more in years to come, especially as Rajasthan tours continues to grow in Asia. Jaipur has spawned even more trips destinations and entertainment.
When you're finished shopping, you can kick back and relax watching a movie or a small street performances and nightly fireworks. The festival also offers typical foods. Other major events contain fashion shows, crafts and drama productions, the perfect combination between traditional and modern culture. 
The Shopping Festival is the essence of state-of-the-art retail revolution. It has brought people of Jaipur with a great experience outstanding existing standards of design, building and fashioning.

If Shopping has relaxing value, these Jaipur Festival have more than revitalizes minds. Kids have special play area to have fun, so parents don’t need worry about your children and can go shopping relaxed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Colorful Characteristic of Rajasthan its Arts and Crafts

The striking range of Rajasthan's handicraft is a glittering cinema of colors and textures. The deepness, variety and motivating complexity of Rajasthan’s Handicrafts stems from its socio-economic culture, with whole village following specific crafts, which are essential to their endurance or daily needs. Royal support gave it a vital thrust to carry the ride for centuries. Although Rajasthan is full of scenic beauty, possibly the most everlasting influence that travelers take away with them after visiting through this state is that of color. Despite the continuous torture of the sand storm now and then hitting the state of Rajasthan, color reaches newer heights of brilliance and brightness at every pocket of the state.

A Hand on Handicrafts Items

Other than wide ranges of fabric designing, Rajasthani craftsmen are skillful even in other fields of art; jewelry, paintings, pottery, ivory craft, and leatherwork. In Rajasthan the paintings can be traced to the pre-historic period, as confirmation by the finding of paintings in the caves of Chambal valley. The recognition of Mughal miniature painting was converted in the escalating of styles unique to various regions of the state developing the Kota-Bundi kalam, the Marwar school and the Bikaner school of painting. Take a tour to Bundi to eyewitness a curious array of diminutive paintings of the late 18th century.

A marvelous formation with half the surface left white, and just a few figures painted against this in pale colors; outline of creativity in the custard of paper. Remember, the Rajasthani painters used colors extorted from minerals, ochre’s and vegetables. The lively colors still marked today in miniatures and frescoes, seen in some imperial palaces, were consequent from flattened semi-precious stones, although the gold and silver coloring is in fact finely minced pure gold and silver leaf!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best weekend getaway spot in Rajasthan

Ranthambore is one of the most famous and well renowned Tiger sanctuary located in Rajasthan India and is visited by millions of people. This national park is widely spread around the area of 400 sq km in the district of Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

Thrilling travel journey to the Ranthambore gives an interesting option means of transport facilities are available to reach this beautiful destination.

All the means transport facilities are available to reach this destination. Jaipur international airport is the nearest which connects Ranthambore located at a distance of 180 km from city. By Rail and roadways this destination is well connected.

This is destination which is suitable for the Jungle safari. There are few temples located in the nearby surroundings in which you can spend ample time. The entire area is filled with dense jungle which makes your travel very interesting.

The safaris at the jungle here includes the Jeep safari which consist of 4-5 people and the canter is a bigger size van, called as the canter which consist of around 20 people at the same time for a thrill ride in the jungle which lasts for nearly few hours.

Once you reach Ranthambore and after the tiring journey in the jungle, staying at some of the restaurant is a better idea. There are many choices for the hotel / resort stay which you choose from according to your budget.

Another feature that you should not miss is the perfect timing pictures, for which is necessary for a good photo shooter. This helps you to capture all the most memorable moments during the travel.

The travel to the jungle features adventure as well as interesting choice for the travel agency and also the tourist operators who organizes the packages.

You can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of Ranthambore and the nearby places which makes it interesting during the travel. Apart from the majestic view of the tigers you can also witness the animals such as boars, crocodiles, deer, gazelles, hyenas, jackals, leopards, mongooses.

Ranthambore is crowded with the population from all over the world to experience the thrilling adventure of the jungle. This is a must visit spot in Rajasthan.

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